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Bela Dutta - The nurse of Rani Jhansi Regiment whose dedicated service earned admiration from Netaji

Many unknown and unsung heroes of the Azad Hind had faded into oblivion because the collaborators of the British, who got the power transferred to themselves from their masters, did not bother to respect Netaji's legacy. Far from it, they tried their best to destroy it. But they were not entirely successful. The legacy remained, even though in the memories and some printed works, it remained. Now it's the time for that legacy to be brought to the world. One such unsung hero was Bela Dutta of Jhansi Rani Regiment, a young nurse who did exemplary work in the Memio hospital, that she earned the respect of all. In Memio, many wounded and sick soldiers suffered from dysentery, Diarrhea, and other ailments. There were very few nurses as compared with the number of patients. Yet those nurses worked day and night. Bela, a teenager perhaps, treated and served eighty-five patients by herself. Her selfless service earned her the respect of all the patients. When Netaji came to inspect the hospital in October 1944, he received great feedback on the work of the Rani Jhansi nurses, especially that of Bela. Bela was promoted to Havildar after Netaji met her personally and blessed her. Lt. Mrs. Chatterjee, whose husband was also part of Azad Hind Fauz, was the commander of the nursing section of the Rani of the Jhansi Regiment. Her husband was martyred in the Imphal war. But Lt. Chatterjee continued with her duty diligently. Such was the greatness of the people who worked with and worked for Netaji. He would bring out the best in them.

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