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Bengal Congress - a divided house

Post 1928 a factionalism was engineered in Bengal Congress. The rift between Gandhi and Subhas widened further when Subhas along with Dr. Kitchlew and Maulana Abdul Bari, refused to lend signature to the Dominion Status proposal of Lord Irwin and the idea of participating in the Round Table Conference. Jatindra Mohan Sengupta, one time Swarajist, was won over by Mahatma, and he had a good following in Bengal who stood firmly against Subhas Bose. In the annual general meeting of the Bengal Provincial Congress Committee in 1931, Subhas faction won by a whisker. Bengal Provincial Student's Association was formed that was aligned with Subhas Bose. The Jugantar group of revoutionaries, the Sri Sangha, the Bengal Volunteers of Hemchandra Ghosh lent their support to Subhas. A faction of Anushilon Samity members however went against Subhas. Most of the Swarajists like Kiran Shankar Roy, T.C Goswami, Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, and Sarat Bose stood firmly with Subhas. Surendra Mohan Ghosh, Purna Chandra Das, Manoranjan Gupta, Satyaranjan Bakshi, Major Satya Gupta, Ambika Chakrabarty and Surjyo Sen (Master da), Leela Nag, and Anir Roy were Subhas loyalists. Trailokya Ckarabarty Maharaj, Gnan Majumdar, Hemanta Basu, became ardent supporters of J.M Sengupta. Hemanta Basu also disrupted all meetings addressed by Subhas in 1929 (Netaji my Uncle - Dr. Asokenath Bose). Later however Hemanta Basu became a staunch supporter of Subhas and joined Forward Bloc.

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