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Mankumar Basu Thakur - The first episode of revolt in British Indian Army

Inspired by Netaji's fiery speeches from Berlin, Mankumar Baus Thakur, and eight of his associates, nine gallant Bengali young men, recruits for the British Indian army, staged a secret revolution and courted death on the gallows on September 24, 1943. The full history of his deeds and story relating to his execution is chronicled by one of his faily members in an article in We salute these nine gallant Bengali warriors who sacrificed their lives and revolted against the British empire going against their soldier comrades. Their saga proves how correct was Netaji's estimation of the patriotism among the British soldiers. The names of the nine who sacrificed their lives and their ages were - "Sri Mankumar Basu Thakur (23); Sri Nandakumar De (25); Sri Niranjan Barua (23); Sri Chittaranjan Mukhopadhyay (24); Sri Fanibhusan Chakraborty (23); Sri Sunil Kumar Mukhopadhyay (21); Sri Kalipada Aich (23); Sri Nirendra Mohan Mukhopadhyay (21). " Abdul Rahman, Sri Rabindranath Ghosh and Sri Amal Chandra De recieved deportation to Andaman and life imprisonment. The collborator who handed them over to the British by divulging their secrets was also a fellow Bengali soldier who was later killed.

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