Subhas Chandra Bose and Meghnad Saha

Subhas Chandra Bose had a great relationship with scientist Dr. Meghnad Saha. Bose had inducted Dr. Saha in his National Planning Commission. Throughout 1938, Bose worked ceaselessly for implementing the plan of action formulated in Haripura. He convened in Bombay a conference of heads of the Congress provincial ministries. They discussed on National reconstruction in the lines of industrialization, resources, coordination among Congress ruled states and advocated special focus on poverty eradication through better healthcare and education by restructuring the municipal corporations. He had organized a convention of the renowned scientists and Dr. Bose was one of the key architects of the conference which was attended by Dr. M Visvesvaraya. In response to Dr. Saha's question in the third General Meeting of The Indian Science News Association presided over by Subhas, whether India of future would be dependent on village industries or to become an industrialized nation, Subhas categorically stated that his vision of modern, progressive India was based on scientific progress and ideals. National reconstruction will only be possible with the aid of scientific knowledge.

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