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Subhas Chandra Bose as a journalist

Here is an assessment of Sachin Dasgupta who had joined Forward Publications as a reporter. Sachin was also a friend and classmate of Subhas Chandra Bose. On 23rd January 1946, he writes in Hinsdustan Standard, "Journalism is also indebted to Subhas Chandra Bose for the manifold changes he was instrumental in introducing in his paper Forward. The departure from the hackneyed and the stereotyped way of reporting was made at his suggestion in connection with the reporting of the election speeches of C.R. Das. The way and manner of presentation of things both in the local reports as well as in otehr news was revolutionized so to say in Forward. The beaten track of putting things as they happened in chronological order was deserted at this time and the choicest portion of the speeches and the important events of the day was given prominence in Forward first. CAre was always taken to see that the whole tenor of the paper was conducive to the healthy growth of Nationalism in our people....This is how Subhas Chandra reoriented journalism and fashioned it to make it live and attractive."

Sachin Dasgupta continues, "History of Forward in its early days, is the history of Subhas Chandra Bose. It was Subhas in the making. Day and night he worked feverishly for the paper. " Subhas worked extremely hard to ensure proper printing in absence of good quality printing machines, when elections were drawing near and the Swarajists had to bank heavily on the Forward to carry forward their viewpoints to the public. Night after night, Subhas, Sabitriprasanna, Sachin and others spent working in the Dharmatala office of Forward, lying on the office table, eating unhygeinic but cheap street food and solving the difficulties faced by the publication.

Eventually Subhas's hard work paid off and Forward got a good press with associated printing machines after buying Indian Daily News Paper and its printing press.

Later Forward had to be published as Liberty owing to a court case against it.

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