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Major Patny - the gentleman and friendly jailor of Subhas Chandra Bose

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Major Somdatta, an IMS officer, incurred notoriety by mercilessly beating Subhas in Alipore jail using his warders and sepoys when the later had protested his high handedness in dealing with the satyagrahis. Bengal Volunteers revolutionaries targeted Somdatta and the "daredevil" had to escape with his life, never to return in Bengal. In place of Somdatta came Major Patny, another IMS officer - of huge proportions and a large heart. Major Patny sought cooperation and help from Subhas and in return he would do everything possible to keep the leader and his men in comfort. Subhas again met Major Patny in 1940, when he was imprisoned in the European ward of the old Alipore (Presidency) jail along with Narendra Narayan Chakrabarty. Major Patny arranged for anything that was needed by Subhas and fulfilled his desire to perform a Durga Puja and Kali Puja in his ward. Major Patny was extremely concerned when Subhas started his fast unto death on 29th Nov 1940, to protest against his indefinite detention, seeking unconditional release. He ensured continuous medical attention and finally brought the news of Subhas's release. He had the privilege of helping Subhas break his fast by feeding him with juice in his own hand. Subhas told him that he would never forget his nobility.

(Adapted from Narendra Narayan Chakrabarty - Subhas Sango o Prasango)

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