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Subhas Chandra Bose's attempts to establish contacts with Axis Powers in 1939

In 1939 Subhas renewed his contacts with Germany and Italy and also tried to contact Soviet Union through his communist allies. Amiya Nath Bose was chosen to send a direct communication to a representative of Moscow in London. This he did at a great personal risk since Amiya was under the surveillance of the British police. Thankfully they did not get the message which he was carrying in his pocket. British Government in India disallowed Amiya to travel by an Italian steamer and asked him to take a British flight for his passage to Europe. Negotiations with the Japanese consulate in Calcutta were carried out with the help of Dr. Asit Mukherjee who was then working in the Consulate General of Japan. The meetings between the Japanese Statesmen and Subhas Bose were organized in places which were not being monitored by the police. Sometimes Dr. Mukherjee and his Greek wife Savitri (who had converted to Hinduism) went to the Elgin Road or Woodburn Park residence to convey the messages in person. Lala Shankarlal, the then Gen. Secy of All India Forward Bloc was sent to Japan with a false passport to establish direct contacts with the Imperial Japan. Dwijnedra Nath Bose was entrusted with the necessary arrangements for Lala Shankarlal's travel. Another nephew Aurobindo Bose was also entrusted with a similar confidential task. Both Dwijendra and Aurobindo were tortured by the British police after Subhas's escape.

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