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Subhas rejects the Government condition for getting released from Mandalay

The Government, upon recommendation of the Medical board constituted on account of the ill health of Subhas in Mandalay, had agreed on principle to allow Subhas to go to Switzerland for a medical treatment provided he went in his own expense, boarded the ship to Europe from a Burmese port and proceed straight to Europe without visiting India and return to the country before the Bengal Criminal Law amendment act had been repealed. Subhas rejected this conditional offer by writing a letter that is partly quoted below (source: My Uncle Netaji) -"I have on this occasion tried to anticipate the worst that would befall me if I do not accept the offer of the Government but I have not been able to persuade myself that a permanent exile from the land of my birth would be better than a life in a jail leading to a sepulchre. I do not quail before this cheerless prospect for I believe as the poet does that 'the paths of glory lead but to the grave.'

We have got to suffer a lot, both individually and collectively, before the priceless treasure of freedom can be secured. Thank God, I am at peace with myself and I can face with equanimity any ordeal that He in His wisdom may choose to visit me with. I regard myself doing penance in my own humble way for the past sins of our nation and I am and shall be happy in my atonement. Our thoughts will not die - our ideas will not fade from the Nation's memory and the posterity will be the heirs of our fondest dreams - this is the faith that will sustain me in my tribulations forever and forever."

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