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Subhas sent to Mandalay Prison under Regulation 3

Subhas Chandra Bose was arrested on 24th Oct, 1924 along Swarajist leaders Anil Baran Roy and S. C Mitra, and was put behind the bars in Alipore Central Jail, under Regulation Three, the notorious act. Deshbandhu was away in Simla. The entire country went up in arms against the arrest. Deshbandhu himself was livid. "Subhas is no more a revolutionary than I am, Why haven't they arrested me? If love of one's country is a crime, then I am a criminal." He thundered. The English dailies like Statesman and Englishman started baseless allegations of Subhas being the brain behind the revolutionary activities thus justifying Subhas's arrest. His solicitors dragged them to the court and the allegations were dismissed. Condemning the arrest Gandhiji wrote an article in Young India. A massive rally was held in Calcutta on 31st October. Subhas started discharging his duties from the jail. But soon, because of the problems created by British police officers, he was sent to the Bahrampur Jail. In 1925 he was sent to Mandalay prison in Burma under the supervision of Assistant Inspector General of Police Lowman

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