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The conspiracy to kill Netaji in Jan-Feb 1944

Adopted from Nitailal Bose's (a soldier in INA) autobiography. To protect Netaji's Bungalow there were two rings of security guards. The outer ring protected the outside of the house and they had four armed men. The inner ring was led by Lt. Biswambhar Das and it protected the inside of the house. The inner ring had seven armed guards. The outside security men were replaced every hour. At around 11 PM in the night the armed guards stationed outside changed their duties and returned to their barracks. Lt. Das also returned to the barrack. Somehow he felt that there was one more man than usual. On account of growing suspicion he asked every person to stand in a row and call out his name and number. Two men said the same name. Those two were isolated and one of them took out his revolver. There was a commotion, the would be assailant was arrested and Netaji came out of his room to see what had happened. The would be assassin told that he had come to kill Netaji because he thought that Netaji had committed treachery to India. In the same month a motorcar came near Netaji's house. One old man was sitting in the rear seat and when the motor stopped he came down. He looked like Rashbehari Bose. He told Lt. Das that he had come from Tokyo and it was an emergency, he needed to talk to Netaji. In the meanwhile one of the guards who had acted as security officer for Rashbehari, had come to meet him. Seeing him, the old man escaped. When Lt. Das informed Netaji about Rashbehari Bose's visit Netaji was surprised. He had heard Rashbehari speaking on radio from Tokyo in the same evening. There was no chance that he could come to visit Netaji on that evening. However Netaji told Lt. Das to bring that person up. But when Lt. Das came down he found that the old man had escaped in the motor. It was surmised that he had come to kill Netaji and had there not been the other security officer who knew Rashbehari intimately, perhaps this would be assailant would have got his opportunity.

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