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Treatment meted out to the Tokyo cadets by the Allied forces

History may have forgiven the many atrocities committed by the allied forces (esp. the European colonial powers - The British, the French and the Dutch in the South East Asia) as they were victorious. But their treatment of the Indian prisoners of war was something that needs to get highlighted. Here is an account from one of the Tokyo cadet members Attar Mohammad. Netaji used to take personal interest in the progress of the cadets as he was training them for leading the future Army and Airforce of India. According to his reminiscences after Japan surrendered the trainees were discharged from the Imperial Military Academy in Tokyo and were brought to Manila where the British took over them and kept them in detention. The food given to them was sub standard. American forces however were considerate and helped them a lot. In Nov 1945 the trainees were huddled in the storeroom of a small aircraft career that left Manila for Hong Kong. The British soldiers treated the trainees like ordinary criminals and murderers. They took away all the valuables in possession of the trainees like fountain pens and wrist watches. In Hong Kong they were put up in a local jail and the British soldiers were extremely rude and rough. A soldier inserted a sock into the mouth of one of the cadets. On 10 Dec 1945 they were put onboard a ship and were put up in a store room near the boiler that was extremely hot. They were kept under strict vigilance by Dutch sentries. On 29th December 1945 they reached Madras. All 45 of them were interned in a camp and interrogated by the C.I.D. The boys were neither given any provisions or clothing and were given only Rs 5 to reach Lahore.

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